The Sonia Lavoie team, Nuns' Island specialists

As the real estate market slowly shifts toward a buyer’s market, it is more important than ever to call on a team of real estate experts when selling or buying property.

Sonia Lavoie

Sonia Lavoie
Certified real estate broker

With over 30 years of experience in real estate, Sonia Lavoie ranks among Quebec’s most successful real estate brokers. Starting her career at the regional level, she joined the ranks of La Capitale in 1997 and rose to the top of the 10 best sellers in Quebec by exceeding her sales objectives for 10 consecutive years. An entrepreneur at heart, Sonia Lavoie decided to open her own real estate agency, Les Courtiers de l’Île, in 2011. An honest, driven, and astute business woman who cares deeply about satisfying her clients, Sonia Lavoie has secured an enviable position in the prestigious Nuns’ Island market.

“Throughout your business relationship, you can count on Sonia to provide sound advice and assist you in all aspects of your real estate needs, both practical and legal. As a real estate professional, she will make sure you get the best deal, regardless of the market conditions.

Sonia Lavoie recently joined Profusion, an internationally acclaimed agency. In this highly competitive market, her solid and invaluable experience is a major asset:
“The shrinking real estate industry is creating much more challenging market conditions. Buyers are dwindling, so we have to seize every opportunity to close a deal.” Sonia’s extensive knowledge of the Nuns’ Island market comes not only from her experience as an agent but also from owning property on the island. Putting her sharp negotiating skills to work, Sonia makes sure that all of her transactions are handled with the utmost care and honesty.

You can count on Sonia Lavoie to give you a competitive advantage.



Ian Champagne

Ian Champagne
Real estate broker

Ian cares about providing all of his clients with swift, efficient service, and knows how to meet people’s needs fully and politely. Aware that buying a home is a first-time experience for many people, he offers his clients tactful guidance and customized services that meet their needs and expectations. As he is quick to explain, “I’m in my early 30s myself, and I totally understand first-time buyers’ worries. As I answer people’s questions, their doubts gradually fade away and they are left feeling happy about buying their very first home. This is a source of great satisfaction for me!” Ian also looks after internal management and organization for the Sonia Lavoie Team.